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Brake Repair Wheeling IL

Wheeling IL brake repair at Wheel-Inn for over thirty years. One of our specialties is top quality brake repair and replacement. We use only top quality replacement brake parts with service provided by our ASE certified technicians. We take pride in doing a thorough job down to small details that other shops may skip. Attention to detail and care ensures that your car’s brake repair is done to the highest standards and helps you or your loved ones reach their destinations safely.


Brake repair and service intervals 

Your car’s brakes are one of the key components to your driving safely. No matter how good your car brakes worked from the factory, they will eventually need maintenance or replacement. Take the guesswork out of it. Have your brakes inspected by our ASE certified technicians at one of our two locations in Wheeling IL. Do this at every oil change interval or other service to ensure they are working properly to head off any potential problems.

There are other factors that determine how soon your brakes will need inspection, service or replacement. The first thing is what kind of driving do you do? If you do a lot of local stop and go driving, your brakes will need servicing sooner than a vehicle that gets a lot of highway driving.  Another factor is the vehicle itself. How good of a braking system is there on that particular make and model vehicle? Some vehicles are notoriously bad on brakes and need service or replacement sooner than others. It is also a matter of your driving style as well. Do you charge up to the next stop light and brake hard or do you anticipate stopped traffic and coast up to the stop with less braking effort? The frequency and severity that you apply your brakes directly affects brake life.



Symptoms your car needs brake repair

Here are some symptoms that your car is ready for brake repair or service before a regular service interval such as an oil change, tires or other repair.

If any of these symptoms below occur, call or stop in to one of our two Wheel-Inn Wheeling IL locations for a diagnosis.

  1.       The brake light on the dash is illuminated.
  2.       You hear a screeching noise when you apply the brake pedal. It could be something as minor as a pebble stuck in your brakes or need for other routine service brake repair.
  3.       You hear a grinding noise when you apply the brake pedal or when the car is moving. This could be the brakes or another major problem that needs to be fixed.
  4.       Steering wheel wobbles when braking.
  5.       Your brake pedal is soft and requires more effort to stop the car
  6.       Your car pulls to the left when braking or pulls to the right when braking
  7.       You see or smell smoke coming from behind your car’s wheels